How do I make an action mapping require multiple button presses?

I want something to need to have 2 buttons pressed at once Left Shoulder + Right Shoulder in order to trigger the action rather than it being Left Shoulder or Right Shoulder

Boolean is the answer (or boolean + branch).

I’m still trying to wrap my head around UE do you think you could give me an example. I’m having trouble understanding how to get button presses to be a variable

Have a booleans PressedLeftStick and PressedRightStick when you press one of the buttons change its boolean to true, when you release one of them change its boolean to false.
Now this part depends on what type of button it is if its a one click button both of the buttons should have two branches with the both of the boolean connected in them, and what you want to happen.
If its hold type you can add the two branches only to one button that will be enough.(or you can add the branches to TICK event) PS: branch is like IF in programing for boolean. Good luck

Yep that worked out for my thank you.