How do I make an action button to temporarily exceed max falling velocity?

Hello all,

I am making a game where a character is falling through the sky and I am trying to make a downward boost button that will temporarily exceed your maximum falling velocity but cant figure out how to do it. Essentially I want to make a character falling at the max threshold to fall faster temporarily while holding this button and return to the normal max falling velocity threshold when its released.

I am new to blueprints but I have been combing videos on character movement non stop and cant find an answer.
Anyone know how? I tried “add Input vectors” into the blue prints and checking the “Force” Boolean with a negative Z vector but it does nothing.

Tutorial: UE4: #1 Speed Boost - YouTube …This may help.

im looking at it soon. Thanks for such a quick response!

Well there is no need to follow the video instructions blindly . Of course customize the way U want and Yes turning off gravity was a cool idea.

Thanks for the help. I wasnt able to change the max theshold in the physics with this but it did give me the idea to turn off gravity on the character and make a series of invisible non collision walls he can fall through to speed him up and act like gravity so he never hits terminal velocity then use your video you linked to increase his speed temporarily with the “impluse” function instead of the “Cast to” used in the video for a boost button.

well having said this I do not know whether U follow the docs or not but there is a doc . where they make U learn how to create a launch pad . Well U can use that too to boost speed downwards … See the following doc.