How do I make a widget add to viewport after it has been spawned from another blueprint?

I have a keyPart blueprint that has a sphere collision on it. When the player enters that sphere, it adds a widget prompt to their viewport. It works fine if I place one somewhere in the world, but when I spawn it from another blueprint, the widget does not appear, nor does the collision detect a player at all.
The other blueprint is a keyPartPodium. There is a collision on the podium also. The player drops off a keyPart on a podium, it takes one keyPart away from them, and it spawns another keyPart on top of the podium to allow them to pick it back up. It requires the parts to be placed in a certain order. If it’s not right, it should add to viewport the widget for the keyPart, but it does not. As I said before, the collision does not even detect the player. I’m not sure what is wrong. If that is not clear, I can try to clarify/show BP.

Did you check if the widget is valid from all Blueprints?

I only create it on BeginOverlap in the keyPart BP. It never gets called though. But I do check if it’s valid inside that blueprint.

can you upload an image of your codes

It is a mess, but here. If you have questions, I can answer them.

Sorry for not answer you sooner. I’m not sure but it can be that your pickup code replace the object and add a different object to your character’s inventory, and I don’t think that is is a way to auto open a widget by only the pickup code.

What you can do is that you need to have a trigger box that only activates if the “ keyPart BP” Overlap End.

It’s okay. I’m not too sure what you mean/how I would implement that. Do you think you could explain it more in depth?

I found the problem. When I spawned the keyParts (sc3.png for reference), I used the relative location, which always spawned it at (0,0,31). 31 because that’s how many units the “spawn point” is above the holders. Relative Location gets the location relative to the parent, which was (0,0,31). I changed it to world, and now it spawns in the correct location.

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