How do i make a 'unlock'ability in the ui

So i have a skill tree and i want one of them to have a extra attack but its not updating the animation how do i do this in the ui when i unlock the ability
i want my guy to unlock extra moves etc

Hi, I would like to help you, you could give more information to give you a more specific solution

You have to make your UI communicate with your character (where they are supposed to be all the variables of the character) there you adjust what you want to add.
In order for your UI to communicate with your character you can do something like this.

So this is my attack combo in my character BP and i want to make my player unlock more stuff using skill points so if i unlock a abililty how do make it add the extra attack which is the ability i unlocked, also trying to do it in the UI is this possible

I hope you have solved your problem.

Sorry for the late reply ive been busy but i still cant get my new attack to be added to my normal combo, il keep trying