How do i make a umg button do an action mapping without C++

Project Settings 2_07_2021 8_38_52 AM (2)
This is the action i want the button to do. I am making a third person shooter for ios thus i need this button. Please help ASAP.

Add a UMG button, select On Click or On Touch and use that to feed into your blueprint to do ‘fire’ or whatever you wanted.

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`when i try this i cant just type the action mapping “fire”. this makes me confused

pls help


Post a photo of your blueprint.


GameplayHUD 4_07_2021 8_18_22 AM

I need the blank button to shoot but it is not showing my action mapping

here is the action mapping
Project Settings 4_07_2021 8_20_38 AM (2)


HELP please


Have you hooked your button up to the blueprint with On Click?


You have a perfect solution in the link in the 2nd post:

What’s up with that spammy bumping?

You cannot have Action Mapping in UMG, widgets handle input very differently. There are ways around it but it’s more involved. Essentially, use the button to trigger a function elsewhere. Or…


Have the button trigger your Fire function instead of Jump, ofc. So it would be something along the lines of:

Now, both the Action Mapping and the Widget button’s onClick execute the same function.


Thanks for the response I let you know if it works

what is the variable type. Sorry for the spammy bumping Scott.

never mind figured out the variable type

what node is the “inputactionfire”?

It’s an Input Action you create youself in the project settings.

You sure you wouldn’t rather follow some tuts first as this is one the very first things you’d normally learn? I can imagine it could alleviate frustration and actually speed things up.

Interestingly enough, the first screenshot you posted shows just that…

Please help ASAP.

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