How do I make a transition between A to B when setting the player's location?

I want my character to “teleport” to a location,

I already have the location and all that but I just need to know how I should transist my character TO the location:

A ------------------------ B (transition) and not A - B (teleporting).

You could make a widget, with an animation, and when that Character Teleports, you add them to viewport, as teleport takes less than 1 sec, you could make somekind of Flash. You can also make a cinematic, Matinee or Sequencer.

You need to do something like this:

You need a float track in the timeline that goes from 0 to 1 in as many seconds as you like. When you use that as the alpha of the vector lerp it will move the actor from location A to B in the time span of the timeline.

That worked, thank you.

But after I pressed my key and it transisted the character to B, I can’t use it anymore, it just teleports to the location:

Instead of connect the Play node, you should use the Play from start node.

It’s working now, thank you.

Do you also know how I can fix that the player instantly falls? Like, he doesn’t start falling, he is aready falling if you know what I mean. The case is that the player reaches a location above the ground