How do I make a team project?

Since I have never developed in a group before, well I tried but never knew how to exchange information or projects.

What I mean is how does a group of around 6-10 people work on one game. Because I have been the only one working as the others are just able to give Ideas because they cant make any changes or updates to the project.

Maybe Im stupid, but can i get a link to a page that has a tutorial?

Ideally, you’d use some sort of version control system: A Visual Guide to Version Control – BetterExplained

The Unreal editor supports SVN, Git and Perforce. You could set up your own server to store your repository or you can register your project on version control sites such as GitHub or SourceForge. If you use an existing solution your project will either be public (open source) or you’ll have to pay a fee to only allow access for team members.

Alternatively, you could share the project using Dropbox or something similar. That needs a lot more discipline, though, because you have to pay careful attention not to accidentaly overwrite another team member’s changes and not to forget to upload part of your changes, thereby breaking the project for everyone else. Version control makes it a lot easier to keep track of who changed what, so you should really use that.