How do I make a standalone game build keep simulating in the background?

When I make a standalone build and run it, then click away from the window, the game stops simulating. For the moment, I need for it to keep simulating.

ShooterGame does keep simulating after I click away from the window, but I can’t figure out how or why it does that.

I’ve looked through project settings thinking there’d be a “run in background” checkbox, but saw nothing relevant. Google turns up nothing useful.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Never mind, it turns out I misinterpreted this behavior. I’m testing network stuff in a VR game by (for the moment) running two instances of the game client on the same machine. Only the most recent instance to have gotten window focus renders; the other instance freezes. But it does appear that both are ticking, and it’s only the rendering that stops. I did confirm that rendering continues to work once a game window loses focuses, but if I put focus to the other game window (as opposed to, like, explorer or something) then the first game window stops rendering and the second one starts rendering.

All in all I guess that makes sense… more or less… I was just misinterpreting the cessation of rendering as a cessation of ticking.

I’m actually curious about this as well.