How do I make a Slate Widget Style?

I’ve been looking up lots of resources on making Slate Widget Styles and they’re all 4years+ old and outdated, so I’m completely stuck now with Styles.

So whats the proper way to make Widget Styles now? Do you still need to make a Style Set? Widget Styles now have an initialize and destroy function.

Can someone give me a quick example how to set up a Widget Style now or tell me where I can find examples?
UE4 v4.19

Editor’s source code contains a mountain of samples you can study.

For in-game Slate they work pretty much the same;
But these days everyone(mostly) use a mix of C++ and UMG “UUserWidget” because it’s faster to design Widgets on UMG Editor while still have free C++ access to control the little important pieces through code.

I tried UMG but I prefer Slate. I also looked up built-in examples of Slate and examples from the Vehicle Game. The examples for the widgets themselves are good, but when it comes to Styles, it’s all over the place and I have no idea what I’m looking at.

I want to bump this. Is there any new development or resources available that shines the light on styles, re-usability, and slate? It feels like the wild wild west when developing a slate UI as the documentation or best practices are missing? I would be happy to write one once I get enough XP with unreal/slate.