How do I make a single BP with multiple drawers that can be opened?

I’ve been trying to pull this off using a line trace node, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the mesh that has been hit. Basically, the drawers are stacked vertically, and I’d like to be able to trigger a timeline specific to each one based on the one I’m looking at.

Thanks in advance for any insight!

Line trace for component, will return a component inside an object that was hit.
Line trace for object returns the object as a whole.
you need to have a variable specific to the “drawer” you can toggle, and possibly Tag the drawer as drawer1 or similar

eg, if tag =drawer1, cast to desk, set drawer1open=true

if you need more help, attach a screenshot of your line trace?

I appreciate the ultra fast reply. I have 2 box trigger components surrounding the front face of each drawer that I want to open. Printing the string, shows me that those objects receive a hit event as expected. The question now is, how can I call an event based on the output? I don’t see where I can check for a tag that was hit or anything like that.

Hello again! I’ve figured out how I can trigger it based on the name of the string. Didn’t know Equal(String) existed. However, I’ve run into a new issue that is best described with the following video. What am I doing wrong here? PhluxDev

Edit: HerpDERP. the set relative location for the top drawer was moving the Z to zero. LITERALLY ALL I HAD TO DO was put a value in Z. Good day. Hopefully this helps someone out there though :stuck_out_tongue: