How Do I Make a Simple "dodge" That Gets Triggered When I Hit a Key?

All I’m attempting to do is set up an input so that when I hit a key my character moves to the side by some amount, basically a simple dodge. I’m not even worried about animations at this point, I just want the character to slide. I have spent many hours watching tutorials and tried a lot of different methods but I can’t get a single one to work. I tried animating the motion in Blender and using root motion, but despite watching multiple tutorials on it, I can’t get it to work. And it’s so complicated with so many different settings that at this point I’ve given up on it. I also tried using an add force node and an add impulse node, neither did anything. The only thing that I got to kind of work is using the “set actor location” node, but that just instantly teleports the character and that won’t really work for what I need. Is there some easy way of doing this or is there a really well done tutorial that explains how to set up root motion in blender and get it into unreal so it actually works? Thanks in advance.

There’s multiple ways to accomplish this. But first you need to you need to define 3 variables. Speed (velocity), Time, Distance.

The distance you want the character to move and the time you want it to take will determine the movement speed needed to accomplish it.

Distance / Time = Speed
Time * Speed = Distance
Distance / Speed = Time

Method 1: Key press -> Timeline -> interpto/Lerp -> Set actor location
Set actor location will determine the distance and timeline will determine the time (duration).

**Method 2: **Key press -> set movement speed (CMC -> max walk speed) -> animation (montage) -> reset movement speed (CMC -> max walk speed).
Speed is obviously handled with (CMC -> max walk speed). Duration of the animation will determine time.

Thanks man, I finally got it working. The reason why the Lerp node would not work is because I needed a timeline plugged into the alpha channel. Thanks for the help.