How do I make a ship land, and how to change a ship and its stats?


I’m still pretty new to game development so I’m looking for a bit of help in regards to some flight stuff. I’m looking to make a game that involves flying around in a ship but there are some things that I don’t know how to do:

  1. How can I let the player buy a new ship that will have different stats such as speed and inventory size?
  2. How can I make a blueprint that will land the ship when a button is pressed above a landing pad?

Any help I can get would be great, and if you know of any tutorials out there I would love it if you could link them below as I can’t seem to find any.


This is huge and complex question ask.

When you do not know how to do something, split it into smaller tasks, write down those tasks. Then repeat until you have so small tasks you know how they can be done.

For eg. buying ship:

  • you need shop, player, and ship. So you kind of have 3 smaller tasks right there.
  • for shop you need umg interface, currency (player stat), some NPC seller (bot), and inventory with ships.

And you keep splitting that big problem into smallest possible tasks. Then start coding them one by one. I doubt anybody will write you sterp by step instructions how to code it all.
Also start doing tutorials, while learning you will get idea how to code and what small tasks you need for your game.

OK thank you, that actually helps a lot, I’ll check out tutorials for those things

If you complete this tutorial:
you will be able to do this :slight_smile: its not hard