How do I make a pushing box


I want to make a pushable box in UE4. When I have the box shape I simulate physics on the box. It does move but it has t tumble effect. I am looking to the box stay up right and move and area direction that the character facing on a key press. In UE3 I believe a rigdybody constant was used to achieve this however, not sure how to do it in UE4.

Thanks for any feedback on this.

Hi Fred,

I’m working on a setup that may work for you, I just have a couple questions.

Do you want to push the box in any direction or confined to the X & Y axis like Zelda.

Is physics needed on the box? If so, is it needed the entire time or just when shoved off of a ledge, etc.?

HI… yes im looking on how to move a box …on the X,Y axis. but only the direction the pawn is facing… so the box is always being pushed/moved in the that direction

Sorry looks like I posted my repose to your question in the wrong location. I forgot to log in.I will post it again in here. TJ,

Thank you responding. I’m looking for it to moved in any direction that the character is facing. Just no flipping the box. Physics is needed when it is pushed off the ledge. If I remember correctly that is the only physics is needed. Collision is defiantly needed.

thanks again

I really need this too. Tried everything but always seems to lose collisions, or is uncontrollable.

Hi Fred,

I think the simplest way to do this it is create constraint for current object.

Steps to make pushing box.

  1. Create blueprint from StaticMeshActor.
  2. Setup static mesh, mobility: movable, check Simulate Physics.
  3. Add physics constraint to component
  4. Setup Component name in constraint component to ‘StaticMeshComponent’
  5. And lock angular twist and swing 2 motions


Hope it helps!

Hi, I’m working in a movable pushing box blueprint, check my channel these days and I’ll upload the tutorial when I finish the blueprint.

I hope it helps ;)

Warm regards