How Do I Make A Proper Time of Day System?

I have a half-working blueprint that changes the time of day in a way but it’s very basic and I get all sorts of issues. These issues include:

  • The Sun shining from underneath as the day is transitioning
  • No stars appearing during night-time
  • Very few clouds during evening/night-time

How do I improve on this?

Hi Mate

First, Turn your sun off after it sets.

No Stars may be because of the light.

Clouds, not sure.

My Moving Sun


Turning Sun Off. I have set mine up with a Timer, so the sun fades and does not just switch off.

Hope this helps


Hey man, take a look at Kleiner Baer’s channel on youtube. He has a lot of tutorials with respect to this, using both just raw blue printing logic for a more complex system that changes with the date and your lateral location as well as a simple system using a timeline.

How do I import the LightSource into the World Outliner? I’ve been working on the TimeofDay blueprint however LightSource doesn’t seem to be recognized, meaning that I get the problem where the shadows change but not the Sun.

Anyone know how to get LightSource into the World Outliner? I still haven’t figured it out.

That is most likely a standard Directional Light named LightSource, to add one go to the Lights tab of the Modes panel and drag it into the scene.

I seemed to have added it but the time of day still doesn’t change. Any reason why that could be happening?