How Do I Make A Procedural Planet?

I heard of this thing called a procedural planet which I heard is like when you go into the fog it transitions to a new level where you create the terrain from there.

Can anyone tell me how to do this or show me a video on how to do this?


Star-Citizen / Dual-Universe / No-Mans-Sky… All require custom engines.
There’s no easy tutorial… UE4 doesn’t offer anything like this out of the box.
Do a procedural / planet ‘title search’ and you’ll see what others ‘have done’.
But its work-in-progress. Most of the projects are in limbo / status unknown!

You can cheat by doing something like this, but it doesn’t look that good tbh…

You’re not going to get a video on this and nobody is going to show you.

You’re talking about highly specialised algorithms that takes people hundreds, if not thousands of hours to create.