// How do I make a Physics Object controllable? [Buoyancy Boat on Water]

I have this boat-pawn with buoyancy and physics set up and want to make it controllable by turning/steering left-right.
Right now it floats on the UE-water-components (river in this case) but I was so far unable to have any sort of control as the player.
Here’s a Video of how it looks: UE4-concept01-state01 - YouTube (the level-reset halfway is a simple keybind-action)

Img 01 - what it should be

Img 02 - what it is

Img 03 - Pawn/Mesh setup

Img 04 - Pawn/Buoyancy setup

Img 05 - Control-setups I've found, but unsuccessful

How should I go about this?
This is my first gameplay-project on my own, only done some level-design before and have limited knowledge of blueprints.

I appreciate any feedback :grin:

Add floating pawn movement component and you should be able to control it through ‘AddMovementInput’ nodes
or instead use ‘AddForce’ on root component that is simulating physics

via physic forces looks smoother but is more problematic to control


Hey, thanks for the input!
But fortunately, I already solved it, following a past Livestream by Epic Games called “Prototyping Sailing Mechanics”.

Here’s how it looks and behaves now: UE4-concept01-control_solved - YouTube
Feels great to control, especially with controller :smiley:

The Blueprint Setup:

Image 01 - Event Graph

Image 02 - Construction Script

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