How do I make a pawn fly in the direction of the motion controllers?

I’m trying to make the player’s pawn move in the direction that they point, but I’m not sure what functions to use. I’m not sure how to target the pawn, or how to specify the force and direction.

Are the hands attached to the pawn? If it is based on the pawn from the ue4 templates it will. If so you can target the pawn by getting the parent. Alternatively you can do,l get player pawn and cast that to your own pawn. For the force, it depends on what movement you want. Are you looking to advance in one direction at a constant rate? For direction, add an arrow component to your hand blueprint and get its forward direction.

You should check out my YouTube tutorial here: VR Pawn Movement using Hand Activated Controls - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube

It shows how to move the pawn with hand activated controls. You can easily adapt it to your case, following one of the hands to move the pawn in that direction.