How Do I Make A New animation

I made a new blank project but I add in the starter content. It comes with a running animation and a standing animation. What I want to do is add a jumping animation. I’ve looked at the documents under the Learn tab but didn’t find much.

I’m New to the Uneal Engine so PLEASE keep that in mind. Also I’m using 4.8.1 version


Take a look at this video series. It will teach you everything about characters and animations: :slight_smile:
When you want to add a jumping animation, I personally would recommend you to just copy the jump part from the third person bp template. Short overview:

-enable “can jump” in your character bp movement componen
-add a jump action (event connected with “jump” and “stop jumping”)
-in your anim bp you have to add the part with the IsFalling -> depends on how complex your jump should be
-in the anim graph you will have to add the different states

Ok I will try that, and thanks for a quick reply :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

How would I do that with a 2d game?

There it works different -> take a look at this series: ?v=5ESyqSxsuYg :slight_smile:
It will explain you how to create sprites + set up the blueprints

Thank you again for a quick post and a helpful one :slight_smile: