How do I make a loading screen with a percentage on how much it's loaded?

Hey, I’ve been looking up tutorials on a loading screen, I didn’t really find what I was looking for so I looked up loading bar, still nothing. What I want to do, is have text on the screen that counts up in percentage when my level is loading.

My level is a randomly generated level with tile sets and such, so it’s not as easy as pop a loading screen up and just switch level, the level actually has to generate, so I need to be able to see how much the level is actually loaded, personally, I think it looks nice if a game tells you how much of it is loaded in the loading screen.

I hope that’s enough, first time posting a question since usually someone would’ve asked the same thing and I just look at their answers. By the way, I’m using blueprints, I can’t code so I don’t use C++.

Hey Zadrakos, I don’t see what’s holding you back. If you do the procedural generation yourself, you pretty much have everything you need to know, i.e. how much of your level has already been generated vs. how much of your level has yet to be generated.

how are you procedurally generating your terrain? like blurry said unlike the unreal engine level stuff where you cant get the percentage of how much of the level is loaded (at least easily), with procedural generation you pretty much have all the info you need.

if you only use blueprints you cannot implement a real loading screen because the Unreal editor freezes when loading levels none seamlessly so there must be a process behind the scene doing that that is only implementable in C++ currently.

after all, the engine does not have a built in implementation to do that for you. you must break your game’s assets and content into chunks . lets say those chunks are levels then if 10 levels out of 100 are loaded it means you can progress a progress bar 10 percent :wink:

Well, I’m not sure how to do that exactly, I’m not sure where to find or how to get to where how much of my level is generated out of 100. That’s the thing, I want a loading screen that’s text and it says the percentage of how much trhe level’s loaded. So like 53% or 76%, y’know? When it reaches 100% I want it to say “Done.” or something like that for a second or two and remove the loading screen.

I’d also love to know how games do seeds, like games like SCP: Containment Breach or even Binding of Isaac.