How do i make a laser weapon?

I am looking to make a simple laser weapon blueprint.
I want to make a weapon that you hold the left mouse button down and damage occurs on the line trace path.
I have looked up some vids on how to do so, but it only got me as far as adding a line trace.
I want to have the line trace activate either a particle system or some sort of object I can texture to be a laser beam that adds damage and can be activated by holding the left mouse button. I am trying to make it so the laser beam can destroy a destructible mesh if that helps As well.
Please help me out!
Much appreciated!

I heard there is a particle beam mesh kind of thing you can make, and Apply Damage function should work on destructible meshes regardless of what the visual elements are accompanying it.

so i could just set it up the where i click a button and hold, while the particle system activates, then apply damage to it as well? so technically i don’t need a line trace to do this?

No I think your line trace idea should work great. I was just trying out ideas on how to visually represent the laser beam.

The line trace hit should return which Actor was hit, and I think ApplyDamage is a function in the base Actor class so I think you can call that function on anything. Then the receiving Actor just needs to have that function defined in its blueprint to react to the damage in the way you want.
Although DestructibleMeshes already have a built-in damage handler that tells them when to break apart.