How do I make a keystroke select a portal and then another keystroke select the object that will come out of the portal?

I’d basically like to have three locations assigned to the keystrokes 1,2, & 3, and three objects assigned to the keystrokes a,b, & c. I’d like to be able to press 1, and then if I press a within let’s say 4 seconds, it will emit object a at location 1. Any ideas? I feel that this is probably very basic, but I’m a bit lost.


The below blueprint script should work for you. Just replace the print strings with the actions you want done.

Thanks a million!

Don’t hate me, but I’m still very new to the blueprint aspect, and don’t quite know what to put in place of the placeholders. I have 3 meshes shown below. I’d like to press 1 for location 1 (0,0,0), and then if I press a, b or c, within 4 seconds, it will drop item a, b, or c at location 1 (0,0,0). After 4 seconds, I can chose a new location like 2(50,50,0) or 3 (100,100,0), and repeat. I’m not sure how to set up the “portal” either.

Thanks again!