How do I make a HUD without C++?

i want to make a HUD entirely in blueprint, because i don’t know how to write C++.

The Flappy Birds knock-off, Tappy Chicken, is a good example of how to do it, as that was made ENTIRELY in BP, and has HUD elements, as does the Side-scrolling Ninja demo, both can be downloaded from the Marketplace

The Blueprint_Hud (I think it’s named something like that) in the content examples is really good too.

First make new blueprint from >> HUD << class.
then add DrawHUD event inside and you quite ready to go.
All text, boxes and bitmap draws are in HUD category.

My problem now is how to feed variables there, or how to make global variables readable by all blueprints, materials, and particle systems. That is still mystery for me.

Oh and point to your new blueprint_hud in dafaaults of gamemode_blueprint (or it was player_blueprint, one of core blueprints has dropdown box for setting hud class).

Casting is probably the best way to go about that. If it’s a variable on the player/pawn, you can cast to the player and get it, if you’re storing them in the game mode, or player controller, you could also cast to those to retrieve their variables. I’m not sure about other blueprints, but I think there’s something in the documentation about communication between blueprints.

Can you guys go more in depth about setting it up?