How do i make a health bar (above characters head) always look at the camera

So im following this tutorial [here][1]
for making a health bar above a players head. Im trying to set up a basic tower defense game, where my camera has a top down view of the map, (meaning, its not attached to the player anymore so half of this tutorial does not help my situation). I almost have this working, but i cant figure out exactly how to line up the rotation of the health bar to look at my camera. here is my blueprint

and here is what the viewport of my game is currently looking like

As you can see, the rotation of the health bars is not lining up correctly. Can somebody please point me in the right direction of how i can accomplish this? any help would be greatly appreciated.

so instead of the rotation looking at the camera, i figured it would be easier to have the widgets rotation always stationary(going side to side like the character in the bottom as opposed to the one on the right). i set the yaw rotation to always be 90 which fixed the issue for this particular instance, however, if i wanted to rotate my camera around, this would defiantely cause issues so if anybody knows how to fix this, please let me know. Thanks!

Instead of GetPlayerController → GetActorLocation try GetplayerController → cast to ThirdPersonCharacter (if it’s the type of pawn of your players) → get FollowCamera → GetWorldLocation

NameDisplay - the object wich need to be rotated from the other player (of corse it needs to be retargeted)

How I can to fix this problem on my nameplate when camera go to top of character like image above?