How do I make a Guitar Hero Game in UE4?

There’s plenty of resources out there if you search for “Unreal Engine 4 Rhythm Game

I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a guitar hero game in UE4 i cant find a tutorial on how to make one.

@TheRealCTLSS - as above and as in the user name - you may not be able to find a tutorial on how to make an entire game. Break it into pieces, Rhythm Game is a great keyword to search for.


Can’t you just separate your game to steps and try to code on your own to get experience?

Look - what is guitar hero?

5 differently coloured objects move on one axis, they will overlap the point where you should hit the responsible button, and will move to the ‘end point’ if you don’t hit the responsible button, too many looses = lost game - without points score we have the game loop already!

So basically you start with 5 BP’s of the buttons that move (you could use only one but I don’t wanna cover it here in plain text), they have some colours - create an Enumerator for them

You spawn randomly on one out of (probably) five spawn points and force it to move down, when it’s in the field where you should hit it - check if correct button has been pressed:
-YES = check distance from the point to check how ‘perfect’ was the hit
-NO = loose some points

If you hit nothing it will just go down and meet the end point which will also perform stuff like removing points, decreasing “life” so if you’re a bad Jammer the crowd will kick you out ;]

It’s easier than you think but it’s the way you think about it - remember to take the whole game into pieces and imagine in which moment what should really happen to the code!

Edit: Most of the gameplay will go through Level BP
Wish ya luck!