How do I make a fps game with dyscalculia

I’d really like to learn

I really wished that too. Any helps?


Is the question “How do I make an FPS game while struggling with dyscaluclia?” or “How do I make an FPS game that somehow integrates dyscalculia/is for players with dyscalculia?” I assume its the first one, just want to make sure we’re on the same page.

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First >.>

One will need math for game dev, especially trigonometry. Vector math is a must and so is mental arithmetic. And it’s not easy even without a disability.

Identify & advertise what you’re bad / good at and team up with individuals boasting the opposite skill sets. Pretty sure 99% of solo devs do not write their own score or make their own sound effects, and some find writing good dialogue much harder than dealing with algebra.

Dyscalculia generally does not affect spacial awareness so you might be able to attract help of someone tech-savvy by contributing (or taking over) level design. But art direction, sound engineering, writing, quest design, developing the GDD, modelling are as important. Leave working with materials and vectors to folks who (pretend to) enjoy it.

You could describe your vision and progress here, for example:

If teaming up is not an option, you can do what everyone else does regardless of their math skills - post specific questions on the forums, Answer Hub, math forums, google specific stuff (not easy since asking the right question is often half the issue).

Do attach a crude drawing with arrows and stick figures (I mean it!), describe the issue, current & desired result. You’ll be surprised how far people will go just to help you out.

Good luck.

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