How do I make a door open both ways

I’m trying to make the door open outward walking in the room as well as walking out of the room

Hi , if you used one of the tutorial that make you build a trigger box that fire the event to open the door: you just scale the trigget so it reach bothe the zones, in front and behind the door.

I would probably go for 2 triggers, one on each side, firing 2 different animations.

you need the doors open automaticly when you are near them or on demand when you press some kind of button?

Yeah, yeah. Golden Shovel for digging this thread.

I made something like this, it opens both ways, two triggers made. Problem is that it closes immediately as I step on the second trigger. I have no idea how to make it ignore me crossing second trigger if I overlaped the first one.





Any ideas, guys?
And FYI, I’m kinda new to this, so please - explain me like you would explain to a child :smiley:

Hmm, multiple solutions here, the easiest one (but can get you errors maybe):

After you trigger deactivate both trigger (there should be a option like that somewhere, just pull from the Triggerbox nodes), after a delay of 7 secs or so, you reactivate both triggers.

Trigger-> deactivate trigger → open door, when finished → delay → activate trigger

Okay. I made it!
Took me 2 hours but I figured it out. Looks like ■■■■, but hey - it works!

To be honest, I have no idea how to explain this.