How do I make a Dolly Zoom in Unreal via Bluprint?

Hey Community,

I really need your help! I want to achieve a Dolly Zoom like in Hitchcocks Vertigo :

In film you wider the Field of View while moving the cam forward or
you narrow the Field of View while moving the cam backward.

Does anybody know if there is an easy way to achieve this without actually moving the camera?
Or better yet, is there a smooth way to achieve this Vertigoeffect?


Why not use timelines to control the FoV and movement of the camera?

With timelines, if you have 1 timeline go from 0 to 1 and the other go from 1 to 0 in the same time frame, as long as the starting and ending values for distance and FoV are well matched, you should be able to get this effect nicely.

Camera arm with slight lag really helps smoothing camera movement. When you get it right you can just update camera location from blueprint and it will smoothly follow to next point.
But for cinematic stuff i would suggest matinee.

Set up your start and end as 2 cameras with the fov set for each and do a camera blend

Thank you Guys and Girls,

some very good Solutions on how to smooth the effect. I will play around with some of these Ideas, but there is still a huge issue…

If I would actually move the location of the camera backwards of the player (FPS) it might clip through environments at times and the player would appear to move forward. Therefore I was thinking if there could be any solution without actually moving the camera? As in scaling the camera or scaling the distance between the near clipping plane and the actual Cameraposition, so I can FAKE the backwardmoving of the camera!?

You can only do this with FOV, but its visible that you changing fov and not moving camera. Also in FPS people love to have control over their FOV.
For camera not clipping in objects you can add some invisible collision dummy around camera in player pawn components.

If you have things clipping through the camera, then you could make the material of things to slowly fade when they get closer to the camera but Nawrot’s suggestion of adding collision is better.

Collision has a special camera setting! You can make blocking volumes that ONLY block the camera or block everything but the camera.

Hi, I made a really short Dolly Zoom video.
I used a map range unclamped, inputting the player’s distance to the statue, outputting the FOV with inA=500, inB=1500, outA=95 , outB=40.