How do i make a destructible explode?

im trying to make a destructible explode when its hit by a projectile. i have figured out that toggling simulate physics will make it crumble on collision, but i want it to have pieces flying everywhere, like in an explosion. Ive tried applying damage and impulses in various ways to it, but they all seem to have absolutely no effect on it. i know that scaling it bigger will make the pieces have more of an impulse, but that wont work for this since the mesh already has a size. Is there a way to actually make destructibles explode correctly or is the only way to do it from scaling?

In case anybody ever stumbles upon this page, the answer is to make a new blueprint, add a destructible component and a radial force component. make sure the destructible has set simulate physics on, and in the settings for the destructible turn off “enable impact damage” as thats what makes it crumble on the floor. Then just trigger the radial force component and use an Apply radial damage node with the destructible as the target.

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