how do I make a custom component appear on Blueprint Components List.

So I extended a PawnSensingComponent from the engine… called it PawnSensingComponentEx

I noticed it didn’t appear in the Blueprint Components list…

any idea where I can edit so it appears.

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i have been playing with this, but no success.
check out Making Custom Components - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums

Did you include the meta data “meta=(BlueprintSpawnableComponent)” in the UCLASS macro for you class?

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Oh wow, thanks Marc Audy!

That worked for me!

Here’s a pic!

#pragma once
#include "VictorySkelMeshComp.h"
#include "VictoryMorpherComp.generated.h"

class UVictoryMorpherComp : public UVictorySkelMeshComp


Whipped this into wiki tutorial, thanks Marc!,_How_to_Make_Accessible_to_Blueprints

Edit 2

Here’s how you add your own category to components section!


Is there anything special you have to do to make functions callable by Blueprint?

In order to make functions callable by Blueprint, you put
above your function in your .h file.


void DoSomething(int32 someValue);

There are other features you can put in your UFUNCTION() macro to enable different features, you can read all about it here…lueprint_Nodes