How do I make a credits menu?

So my basic idea was to have my current existing Main Menu have a button that takes the player to the credits menu which as of now only has a ‘Back’ button present to show that the code is taking the player to the credits menu from the main menu. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case as when I click the ‘Credits’ button (with the ‘remove from parent’ node connected up) the main menu assets just disappear from view.
Can someone help me with this please? I’ve posted a picture down below showing the code I have set up. The left side is the main menu code and the right side is the credits menu code.

Your doing everything you need to, just in the wrong order. The last thing you should do is remove from parent. If you do it first it won’t execute the rest of the code.

Also, stretch the return value from create widget to the add to viewport node.

If I don’t add in the ‘Remove from parent’ node, the main menu buttons will remain on the screen like in this picture

Unless there’s another way of going about this maybe?

Ah of course! Alright that fixed it, thank you!