How do I make a Character?


How do I make a Cool Character? I want to make a Character who’s clothes are all ripped up and Male & Female Characters. I need 16 different Characters for my game because there will be 16 Players in 1 Multiplayer Lobby. Is there a Video Tutorial? I need to make them quick so about how long would it take to make 1 Character? Like Characters you see in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile:

Please head to the forums for this kind of specific topics that require long discussions.

You can create them in any 3d program you like, but when you dont have much experience, it could take a while until you can create characters like in GTA5 ^^ But there are also some character generators around: e.g ://area.autodesk/products/charactergenerator

Character modelling is a bit too complex to really answer here. And you do not create them in UE4, which makes your question out of context.

But still, 3ds and Maya are common tools when it comes to modelling. Blender is also a free tool that can help you achieve this.

You could Google for resources to get you started in either of those packages.

well it depends on you, to make a character from gta 5 I would take from a day to a week (thats the normal time in a studio) but its not as easy as it may sound it can take you years to make a nice character.
here some pages that can get you started