How do I make a character lose health continuously?

My character can go into a special mode and while he is in that mode his health is supposed to decrease continuously until the mode is exited or the player is killed. I can get the health to go down when i initially hit the button but it only happens the one time. So say I press v and health goes down continuously and when I release v the health depletion stops. How do I do that?

Hi Fuzzywaroff,

Here’s how to do it in Blueprint

Register events for when V is pressed and released, and set a boolean variable to track if the player has v pressed (aka is in that state you’re talking about)

On the tick, check is that variable is set and if yes decrease the player’s health

You can set the other parameters in the apply damage but from your post it sounds like you got that part figured out

Hope this helps,


  • Marc

MarcAndreG made a good comment here , i just wanna cover the whole question with the “on kill it stops” …i also added a little delay after the tick (delta seconds ingame are insanely fast :D)