How do I make a character dash through the air instead of double jumping?

Hello! I would need some help to know what kind of blueprint I would need to make it so that when you press the jump button twice in 3D space, the character will make an airdash or move forward in the air for a short distance before beginning to fall again. I’ve included a short gif to help show what I mean.


Specific animations and such are not needed; merely the actions/physics of the character moving forward in the air and then falling, but if someone could tell me how to add an effect when the dash is used (such as a gust of air or similar) then that would certainly be a plus!

This is for a 3D model that moves in a 3D plane, not 2D.

I apologise if this question has already been answered somewhere. I’ve also not been working in UE4 for a while so I’m a bit rusty.

Still, any help is much appreciated!

On jump pressed, check if character is in air or falling. If so execute dash event.
You’ll need finer tuned logic than this ^^… general example.

Dash Event can use (timeline → Lerp Vector → set Location), to move the player forward in air.

You’ll need to change the character movement mode to Flying before the dash lerp is applied.

You could also toggle fly mode and move the player at high speed for N amount of time of the X axis.

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