How do I make a cave?


I am just wondering how do I make a cave in my landscape? I have this giant mountain and I want to make a cave going from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain.

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Well how did you create the mountain? Landscape tool? Mesh?
If you are not modeling make the mountain with BSP brushes and then subtract brushes for the cave.

Hey there, check out this

It uses a visibility brush to punch a hole in the side of a landscape.

However, first read this to setup a “hole material” to use

The inside of your cave will likely be a static mesh underneath the landscape.

Typically you would solve this by cutting some holes in the terrain and then modeling the entrance ways and cave tunnels using BSP and StaticMeshes.

What he said

This is exactly the method that I would employ myself. The landscape hole mask is great for getting a hole in your landscape without removing any geometry. This can you can edit the hole mask to your liking! :slight_smile:

Next you would want to create a static mesh that would sit around the edge of this hole mask. Use foliage and rock meshes to mask the entrance.

If you have any issues or need further information let me know and I’ll post some reference images. :slight_smile:


um i uses landscape tool Vsibility on the mountain and move it to the size i want and do it… it probaly will tell you if you mouse over the ? in the corner of the option

oh that is wat i said

Hello Tim,
Some reference images would be great to see as I am making caves as well, .

I assume you’d also need a TriggerVolume or something similar to enable/disable collision with the landscape geometry?

If anyone needs to learn how to make caves I have two tutorials on it:
First is 3 ways you can make caves in UE4

Second is how to create holes in the landscape which is the main method of making caves.

If you’re looking to learn different ways you can do it, this video will help.

If you want to make a cave in the landscape using the landscape visibility tool.