How do I make a 'Card Game'

I am new to developing games, but I messed around with the engine and it’s blueprint system to get an horror game working. Now that I feel comfortable, I would love to make a game like Heroes Of Dragon Age, which at the core is a card game, hence the title. But I don’t know where or how I should begin. So are there any tutorials for something like that?
Thanks :slight_smile:

CCGTool Kit

Well thanks for your reply, but I don’t have that much to spend at the moment, as much as I would love to at least look at the thing to know how it works. Is there anything like that for free or a tutorial or something?

My advice would be to consider how much time you will save by investing in the kit (keeping in mind that it was probably more costly for the creator to make than the price on the Marketplace) because at the end of the day, your investment in time/energy adds up fast. Just something to think about :slight_smile: Good luck!

Yes I know. And I would love to buy me that kit. But sadly I don’t have the money for it. And I would like to learn more of how it is done than having it done, if that makes any sense to you. But because I can’t find any tutorials for it I think I just have to wait till it rains money, so I can afford it and learn from there :wink:

Try looking at the Blackjack example project. You can see how they set up a deck of cards, shuffle, assign values, etc. I was able to start from that project and create a cribbage game with it here. Whether you grab one of the marketplace assets or start with Epic’s, you should be able to get quite a bit of knowledge from looking at how those projects are set up.

Thanks. I will take a look at the Blackjack project.

That project no longer exists. there seems to be ZERO card game tutorials online now that the CCG toolkit is available. sad really.