How do I make a button for a rhythmic game?

So… I’m basically a newbie trying to use Widgets.

Aaah sorry! This is my first post. So, i want make a game rhythmic looked like the gameplay of Project Diva (Sega’s). I think of making 4 types of buttons. (WASD and the Space)
I thought about doing all the gameplay on WIDGET. (I don’t know if it will work out)

Excuse! Well, I want to make a game similar to Project Diva (Specifically F2nd).

But I have no idea how to make the buttons appear on the screen and add the punctuation depending on how long you hit the key. Do you understand what I mean?

and sorry, i don’t speak english natively

Dude there so many rhythmic games it’s like you asking how to make a shooting game, please be more specific and do give examples of what you trying to make.


What we need:

  1. Is it first person / Side Scroller / Driving / ETC…
  2. What are your trying to achieve?
  3. Will Widgets do this for you?
  4. What is Project Diva?
  5. Is it like 1974 flight game that is procedural?