How do i make a bullet explode on impact with a wall or player, not a turret

I am working on a game that has a turret that shoots massive bullets at the player.


Now what I want the bullet to do is whenever it hits something that is not a turret to explode. The reason for this is right now whenever the bullet spawns it blows up right away as I believe it’s colliding with the turret


How would I check to see if it’s colliding with something other than the turret? (I would like this to work in a blueprint). I have seen similar questions but I can never get them to work with what I need. The bullet always ends up ignoring everything and just fazing through objects.

In short. How can I make the bullet explode on impact with something other than the turret?

Use a check branch from the Event Hit or Event Begin Overlap to check if the Other Actor is a turret, if it is do nothing/leave the logic for true blank, and if false run the logic to explode etc.

Do you mind sending a screenshot of what that would look like?

It still does not work. I have tried that a number of times actually but I was curious to see if you did it in a different manner. I have even checked for other objects that it could be but still have found no way to stop the bullets just blowing up right away

Is it firing the destroy actor as soon as it is spawned? I can’t really see in the details in the screenshot, it is tiny. What is the overlap detection set on, a collision mesh or something else? You can use a print string from other actor to print out what it is colliding with to help better narrow down what is happening

Would it be possible to have the bullet output what it is colliding with? If so, please send me a screenshot

You can use a print string to get the name, like this: