How do I make a boat gently rock with blueprints

I’m have a small boat in the water and I’m trying to make it gently rock (change rotation).

I have identified my min and max values for all 3 rotation values (x,y,z). Most are small, between -1 and 1 changes.

I’m trying to figure out the best way. Should I try a timeline? If so what kind of timeline? Or some kind of sin function for all 3 rotations?



Could feed (a increasing) time value into a sin or cos function and scale it to your desired values.

I built an idle animation in my modeling tool and imported it to play it on the mesh. Playing in additive blending mode means I can also apply other animations.

Ok. I think I figured it out. Created a timeline with a rotator function that changed the x,y,z rotation values over about 12 secs in a blueprint.