How do I make 3rd person Muzzle flash effects Invisible to player in FPS game?

Hello, guys. I need your help. I am working of an FPS project…and I have hit my first stump. I have created my weapon class, and spawned the muzzle flash at the appropriate socket. The problem is that I have both a First and third person mesh on my weapon class, as well as my Character class. My main problem at the moment is that I am trying to have 2 distinct Particle systems for each view. One for first person, and a simpler one for third person. I have created variables for both Particle systems, and used “spawn emitter attached” nodes to activate them on their respective meshes. When I play in editor, I can see both muzzle flashes going off, but I want the TP PS to be invisible to the player, and the FP PS to only be seen by the player. How do I achieve this? I have some ideas:

  1. Create Particle system Components, and use those as the muzzle flash, and set the TP version to “Owner No See”, and FP version as “Only Owner See”.

  2. Create an attachment Class (Like UT3), Set the root as “Owner no see”, create a variable for it on the weapon class, and attach it to the TP character mesh (This will solve another problem: attaching the TP weapon mesh to the TP Character weapon socket, as opposed to the FP Character)

Or is there another way to achieve this? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Really? No help?

Just spawn different particle system for local and remote game. Ie. 3rd person particle should be replicated from server First person (local) should be done only on local copy of game and never replicated.

Also if you do not know how to do above, stop fiddling with wisuals, focus first on multiplayer aspect of game.
This is no sarcasm, you will spend a lot of time on things that will change later or may be hard to implement for very small effects in finished game.
I am writing this from my own experience it is very easy and it is very tempting to drift into things you love to do and avoid things you should do, in indie dev project.
So i am telling you to do stuff you should do first, effects for weapons should be done almost at end of game dev cycle. Or at least at point when you do first visual pass of somehow working game.
And by time you get there you should have very good idea how to split code into server code and client code.

Thanks, Nawrot