How do I make 3d footprints in tessellated snow?

Hi guys! I recently made tessellated snow in UE4 and now I want to create deep footprints in the tessellated snow where ever my character walks. I’m not sure how to go about approaching this? my current idea is to modify the tessellation height map image dynamically based on character position. If anyone has any idea on how to accomplish 3d footprints in tessellated snow please let me know!

Thanks much!

It might be more efficient / manageable to fake it by using decals with a P-O-M material like this.

This is something I am starting to look into as well. I found this which shows a technique, but not a code/blueprint solution (hopefully you are more clever than me).

It’s quite a complex problem, especially if you have uneven snow. The Arkham Origins solution only works for flat surfaces like rooftops.

I’m not sure if your still interested or if this is what your looking for, but I made something like that It has some problems of course. And its fairly similar to the Arkham Origin way. It works as long as the snow dosn’t get too steep. I’m working on making a tutorial for it, but hope its what you might be looking for.

This is cool! I am looking forward to a tutorial on this if you make one.

Here you go
I noticed I should probably not had the music in the background as then its blocked in some countries. Might upload it somewhere else too if anyone needs it.
But hope that helps