How do I make 2 person animation?

Hey guys. If the player punches a character how can I have the character being punched react accordingly?

A great example of what I want to do is shown in this video from 17-18 seconds.
Notice how the player is able to put his hand accurately over the Ai’s face and how the Ai is able to react to it accordingly.
Could someone give me a hand in the right direction of how I would be able to do this? Haven’t been able to find help with this online.

Would I just have to create 2 different animations for the 2 characters? Or is there a better way?
I am new to the forum so sorry in advance if I did something wrong.

Sometimes you’ll be greeted with a paradox on forums and great answer. Idk if you’re trying to build your own game but this take alot of studying. Your question may vary on alot of things also. But in short its just not that simple… Study hard is the best bet

The Matinee or Sequencer examples would be a good place to start to figure out how to at least author the A/B sync animations and depending on what application you are using to author the animations can be a rather easy task to something that would be a bit more difficult to set up.

In the sample files the necessary fight sequences there are five or so clips that run the entire length of the fight scene and to match them up only needs the root snapped to world origin.

So that’s five synced animations targeted to using the same rig that can be applied to 5 instanced copy of the trooper character.