How do I load the Unreal Engine 4 mannequin into Maya 2016 with the ARTv1 plugin correctly?

So I installed the ARTv1 plugin for maya. I followed all the directions to install the plugin properly to maya but when I click “add character” a message saying not able to find reference pops up. Not sure if I installed the plugin incorrectly or i have to export the mannequin model from unreal engine first before i’m able to edit?

When I click “add” this pops up

I then hit “skip” then it says no character is in scene and i get an error message at the bottom

I click yes and the only thing that appears is the rig controllers but no model

heres the error message in the script editor of maya if anyone can understand it


If anyone can help that would be great. Heres a pic of the tutorial i am watching and what i’m trying to achieve. Unfortunately the the speaker just skips him loading in the model and just has it loaded in maya already.

Never mind i fixed it. Just an issue of maya not being able to find the file automatically. just manually go through and find the model

Having the same issue in Maya 2019 and it won’t make path changes permanent or remember these settings. Any other ideas? It’s a bummer to point to the mannequin file each time.