How do I load the map I created in my project?

I can not keep the maps I do in unreal why?

What do you mean, you cannot save them?

I get out of the map and not saved because after I go back to get into the program and on the map and I get the test I did not

did you create a separate map file? if so load up the project you worked on, and follow the image below.


one project file can contain many different levels. but the first level created is usually always loaded by default. so if you created your new level on a First person shooter template. the basic block level will be loaded first.

do what i have done in the image. and look for your level name.

yeah you just need to rebuild the lighting do this via the provided image.

just click that, and it will rebuild all the geometry and lighting. so preview will be removed.

ahh nice. that will help me when working on a specific map file. instead of loading up the project and then looking for the map file! :smiley:

Hi bygonzalo555,

To build on Virtuosic Kitty’s answer, you can also change the level that is loaded by defualt to your level.

To do this:

  • Go to Edit at the top then Project Settings
  • Maps & Modes
  • Change the Editor Startup Map to your level

Thanks, TJ

thank you very much

another question
in the shadows of the walls gets (preview) can be removed?

sorry i don’t quite fully understand what you mean.

I can import textures as human model of the first person?

the skin of the first person

as I can change the shape of the projectile?

so many questions on one post. Are you just getting started because if so, you might want to look up some tutorials… I don’t know how the model of the character is mapped. so you probably wont be able to do anything specific. probably just change the colour.

yes you can… you need to open up the blueprint. click the component tab and you will see one for the projectile… change it to what ever shape you want. and scale it to what ever you like. just remember to open the blueprint and change the object in the component tab. if you test by changing the ball to a cube… you’ll shoot cubes out! :slight_smile:


as a simple reply you can change the texture of the character yes. I have done so here…

as you probably know the character is normally blue.

now look at the image below i have changed the object to a triangle thing! TADAAA


as I can create an enemy in unreal engine 4?

when I put a door entered the game and go through as I can so you can not cross?

haha thanks for telling him that eXi I am getting a bit annoyed after all my hard work of trying to help and getting that good Karma… everytime there is a new comment I lose it. :frowning: