How do i load my project made by a freelancer?

I Have got my Project but i cant seem to load it on unreal editor in anyway… this is my file and whats inside =

but i cant load it up in editor why???

Doesn’t look like a complete Unreal Project to me mate, but those .uassets can be moved into another unreal content folder and opened?

it is what my freelancer did. i had to parts to unzip is their anyway to open as a project?

As far as I see there is no way to open that as a project -> but as PhoTek already mentioned, just copy all folders into your own project content folder :slight_smile:

ok so just copy everything into a blank project and restart?

You can use any project you like -> just copy all the stuff from the freelancer - open your project folder - go into the content folder - paste everything into it :smiley:

Ok I am doing this now and i hope it works :smiley: I just used “My Projects/Content/Paste here” so hope that will work. do i need to load anything once i reopen?

You will probably have to open the map (when he made one), but normally everything should be fine after you have moved the folders -> you should be abel to see all the stuff in the content browser

i have do that but cant see any change :confused:

Where exactly have you placed them (picture) + check in the folders that you got from him if those files are .uassets (like the rockglow.uasset). So you cant see anything in the content browser after you have placed them into your content folder of your project?

here i placed in a new project i just made in the editor and placed them in that content folder area.

Hmm, normally it should work -> make sure that you open the right project + that you use the latest engine version (just to go sure). When it doesnt work, just copy one single .uasset file into the content folder of another project

to be able to see your project : create a new project (top down fps or third person, depending on what you asked to your freelancer) then copy your nicks project in your content folder. then you’ll have access to your assets in your project (but as it seems you have no map, you’ll need to create one and set your assets in it.

the freelancer made the map he made everything but their is nothing showing at all.

Are you using the same version of the engine?

yes i am using the same engine version. he updated

Nothing shows up in the map or you cant see it when you go to File-Open?


  1. unzip the zip file
  2. select all folders - ctrl+c
  3. go to the project folder (when you dont have one create a new one) - into the content folder
  4. paste all folders into the content folder (ctrl+v)
  5. open the uproject (project)
  6. go to File-Open
  7. choose the map (when you cant see it, browse to the right folder and open it)

i sorted it, but i need the newer version and i cant get it :confused:

Why can’t you get it? Are you not subscribed?

i was subscribed and not anymore. as i just want to use the latest version to check the work. but it just stops at 4.2.1