How do I load Kitbash3D asset folder into UE-5 Project?

I’ve found how to open the KitBash3d folder, then click the UE-5 icon to open then folder in UN-5 and access everything. that works fine. But, then saving it so I can find it again… that’s what I can’t figure out. UE-5 doesn’t show how to save a Kitbash3D asset folder as a new project, I can only save levels. So, if I create a new project, how do I load the Kitbash3d kit into that new project? In the content drawer, there’s an “import” button. I tried that, browsed to the KB3d folder, and all UE-5 see’s is the folders, but doesn’t see anything in them. So that doesn’t work. I tried copying the unzipped KB3d content folder, then pasting in the new projects content folder, then when I loan the project, UE-5 pops up a loading questionnaire asking how and where to load with options that make no sense. So, I just click that off and the loading bar in the lower right corner still appears to load. However, when I look through the content drawer, none of these assets are loading.

I’m so frustrated at this point and could really use any advice.

Thank you!