How do i load buttons that have been created at runtime and placed into a scroll box as a loading menu?

Hi, i am trying to setup a saving and loading system. i have created two ui menus, a save menu and load menu. In my save menu, i have a button with text that when clicked it creates a new button and places it into a scroll box, as save 0, save 1, etc. i am saving the created button reference into a user widget array. the main problem i am having is that when i close my game and restart it, i cannot load/populate my buttons in the scroll box. i have setup a print string on the saved user widget array and it has the correct number of entries but everything returns none, for example object name… the same print string will return the object names if i dont close my game. i am accessing the load menu from my main menu ui. and the save menu from my ingame menu, which also has access to open my load menu. What am i missing or what do i need to also save and load to get my “saved buttons” to correctly populate/load up after i have closed and restarted my game. By the way, my buttons do populate in my load menu, as long as i have not closed down my game…also, fyi, i do have another problem with my buttons but am trying to figure out the answer to this first main problem. the second/(minor problem compared to the first problem), is that.(as long as i have not closed my game) when i open my load menu, it has the correct number of buttons but the button’s text is no longer correct. instead of showing save 0, save 1, etc… they all say the same text, ex. save 8, save 8, etc.
thank you for taking the time to read this, and answering this question (the first problem is my main concern). if you need more info, let me know.

The screenshot below shows how we do this. When you open a widget with a list of saves, this event is triggered. LoadGameName is a separate widget with a button and a saves title. Instead of LoadGamefFromSlot and checking for validity, it would be more correct to use node DoesSaveGameExist.

thank you! that works.