How do I line up/sync animations for two characters?

Hi there!

So I am working on some animation for my AI zombie characters, I have two animations to work with. One is the zombie grabbing and biting and the other is the victim reacting and getting bitten.
Right now I only have it set up so that the zombie faces the victim and plays the animation and the victim plays his animation. This works but since they don’t completly line up there is some clipping issues.

I’m wondering what the workflow is for something like this? I have only found how this works with premade animations between two characters but not two separate animations.

Just lock A to B or B to A based on an arbitrary position that’s predefined (a socket?).
Before letting the animations play you just make sure that A or B has slid into place. Then you start the animations.

Thanks man!
Not really sure how to do that I found something about root motion, is that related to what you are suggesting?
Abit hard to google this it seems.

No need.
Just force the character position by getting the location of a socket and move the secondary character to that location.

you can do it using a timeline so its not a snap.

Over far distances use an AI controller with a move to command to force walking.

over short distances you usually fake it, but you can also just cue the AI so that the motion is more realistic.