How Do I Limit First Person Camera Movement

I need the FPCamera to have limited movement, that is relative to the direction the player is facing. whiles the Follow Camera is free moving.

It will be a really big help if this can be solved.

Hey there, what do you mean with limited movement?

i want to limit the camera’s movement, meaning that it can not turn around and around. But is instead confined to a limited space of movement.

yes that is it

So, for example, the camera can only go from -50 to 50 in pitch, -45 to 45 in yaw?

Do you use Use Controller Yaw Rotation, i.e, when you move your mouse to the sides the character rotates with it so you only see his back turned to the camera?

yeah i did but it effected both cameras

If you create a subclass of Player Camera manager you can limit the angles using Set View Pitch Min, Set View Pitch Max, Set View Roll Min, Set View Roll Max, Set View Pitch Min and Set View Pitch Max. Then you need to create your own Player Controller and set PlayerCameraManagerClass to your new Player Camera Manager class.

But do you know how to do it?

sorry i have not commented back on this, i am still yet to use a player controller in my project.

yeah i think i do

Ok then let me know how it went :slight_smile: