How Do I - Lightning flash from light component in BP

Looking to create a simple Lightning flash from directional light component in blueprints.

Tried many tuts, but only led to a constant timed strobe with the light starting out in the “On” position.

I don’t want that, I want a directional light to flash 3 times and loop every 3 seconds to emulate lightning, (with the light starting “Off” when game starts). I can add audio after I figure this out first.

I know it is do-able, just don’t know how.

Any help will be greatly appreciated… Thanks

Update, finally found a good tut @ so others can do it too.

So I have the lightning working, but can’t add timed audio anywhere. Anyone know why? I have tried to add cue, but cue has no event tick. Tried to add to level blueprints, but you can’t add audio component there. Tried creating an audio actor, but can’t play audio from there. ?? At a loss. Please help. I know I can’t add audio in the timeline, so how do I try to time audio with lightning and in what blueprint?

You can definitely play sound from audio actors or components, thats the point of having them.

And if you want to use the level blueprint try this:

I tried from an Actor Component, it does not let me pull or right click and add an audio component. So far the only thing Unreal is letting me do is drag cue on to stage, that is it. I’ll add a screenshot in a minute.


They all do nothing, no sound what so ever. The second one is in my Lightning BP and can not pull audio into Lightning BP. The third is Lvl BP, as you see, I don’t know what to target audio as, but audio.

I tried looking online, seems audio for lightning has never been done in Unreal.