How do I launch to another PC?

I’m assuming I use the UnrealFrontEnd. I have the source built engine and FrontEnd built on both computers. Neither computer shows up on the other’s frontend. I try to add device by local IP or name, but nothing happens. So I’m trying to figure this out. My UnrealFrontEnd looks almost nothing like the one in the documentation though, but I’m assuming that’s because of version changes.

Went through the code a few months back. Doesn’t seem possible right now. PC platform doesn’t have a particular function overridden for acquiring devices across the network. Manually inputting the IP simply does nothing.

just tested this. If you have front end on both systems you can select the “share” option for the system. This will make the platform visible from the other systems frontend program.

Unfortunately when you chose to deploy to this new target, it still just launches locally.